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Life is Kind to Photographer Chad Martel - page 3

By Jessamyn Cuneo on February 28, 2006

Chad Martel photography; copyright Chad MartelThe couple was financially better off than ever, but their love had disappeared somewhere along the journey, and they split up. Chad returned to the roots of his passion - the mountains and the shores - to take more pictures and see where he could go without the corporate claw's grip on his art.

"I just like helping people make their goals, I'm not all about the money," Martel says. "I'm more about living a good quality life. I meet all kinds of people; some are cool, some aren't. I have a good family structure, and it feels good being rich on the inside. They can't take what's inside, you know?"

Martel's Web site has documented testimonies from many of the women he's met at shoots, about how fun he is to work with. His laid-back style and techniques seem to be just what women need to feel comfortable taking risks in front of the camera.

"My shoots are fun," Martel says. "I have a good time, I don't think it's work. I have my own way that works for me; I pick and choose my battles."

Martel's "own way" involves asking the women who set up the shoots to bring their own clothing/costumes and accessories. He also allows them to steer the direction of the shoot, sharing with them the artistic freedom that he enjoys as his own boss. He believes the shots come out better this way.

"I'm not really a director," Martel explains, "I'm more natural. I don't treat [the women] like they're the models; I make sure they're comfortable. Everyone works differently. If you tell models too much, they start getting complexes."

Martel claims that the more that he sees what it's like working for corporations, the more it increases his dedication to doing things his own way.

"I want [the models] to feel good about themselves," Martel says. "There are plenty of people who are going to cut them down in the industry. I don't have to be that guy. That's my choice." Chad Martel photography; copyright Chad Martel

"I expect more out of myself than anybody else," Martel continues. "I try not to screw or hurt anyone along the way. The highs are high, the lows are low, and the seasons taught me how to live like that. I can't complain."

To Martel, the best girls to work with are really confident and comfortable in their own bodies. Several of his models are making exciting advances in the industry right now, such as Brittney Cox, who has just received a callback from Playboy. Martel's models, Barbie Blank and Victoria Crawford, have also recently been signed as WWE Divas.

"It's exciting building bridges for people. I don't really make plans," Martel says. "I could totally go get a 'job' and make someone else rich, but it's more of an adventure this way. The person I get to let down is myself. I live my life and see what happens."

It seems that this refreshing lifestyle has worked wonders for Martel. His story will hopefully inspire others who also strive against conformity, and the "official" way of building a future, to keep fighting for the ultimate freedom of their own creations.

"I've just always known how to manage to make my lifestyle work," Martel says.

With that attitude, it's no wonder why life is kind to Chad Martel.

Be sure to check out the photography of Chad Martel on his official website -