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Comedian Jay Davis Continues to Build His Own Stage

By Jessamyn Cuneo on June 30, 2006

Jay DavisLife is a constant combination of comedy, improvisation and promoting for Jay Davis. This comedian has reached the point in his career where even while he enjoys his lunch, he's meeting people and promoting his shows.

"I talk to people all day," Davis says. "I invite people to comedy, I'm always thinking comedy — so, even when I'm having a salad, I'm working."

Davis can currently be seen on his best friend Dane Cook's creation "Tourgasm," a documentary show running on HBO. Starring in "Tourgasm," as their own humorous-yet-tormented-selves, are four of the most well-known comedians in the country right now; Cook, Gary Gulman, Robert Kelly, and Davis.

The series closely follows the life of each comedian while on the road for 30 days, in the midst of doing 20 shows. Amidst their struggles to maintain a barely-functional, family-like unit while stuck together on a tour bus, there are moments of unexpected tragedy (Kelly busts his knee playing touch football in one episode) and pure, unplanned comedy, such as the tackling of each other in public stores after tossing one another's clothing into Niagara Falls.

Davis is nick-named "The Newbie" on the show because he's only been doing comedy for around seven years, which is new when compared to Cook's fifteen. The two originally met when Cook performed at Davis' comedy night, and since then, the two have supported and promoted each other through one strong bond - a deep love for comedy.

"I try to get onstage as much as possible; I look at it like a golf game," Davis says. "I try to beat my shows each week. That's what makes you get better — the more you do [comedy]. Before you know it, you're not thinking about it anymore, and when you're not thinking about it, it flows."

Davis' comedy story began at Dublin's, a pub in Los Angeles. He wanted to do comedy, and he wanted to do it his way. He created his own stage there, and set the bar high, inviting many local stars and the hottest talent around to stop by for his comedy night. He'd previously worked at a nightclub that catered to celebrities, and befriended many of them, so that part was already in place. Many superstars eventually went on to perform at Davis' original comedy night, including Cook, Dave Chappelle, Roseanne Barr and Andrew Dice Clay.

From then on, word kept spreading that Davis had the ability to host an amazing show. Now, L.A's hottest comedy night is "Life of the Party," which is hosted by Davis and held every Tuesday night at the Laugh Factory.