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Cassie Veres' New York Couture Fashion Line is a Hit - page 3

By Jeff Ferrantino on December 31, 2005

New York Couture; photo by John PerezVeres says that she has quickly learned the importance of working closely with the stores that carry her lines.

"You have to build relationships with stores, because those are the stores that will do the best," she says. "The ones that you become friends with are the ones that really want your line to succeed.

"Everything is a learning process, so as I see things not doing so well in one store, you don't keep pushing it. You just say, okay, maybe their clientele isn't right for my line."

Veres is currently hard at work on her spring line — a line that she says is most desirable to her.

"Spring is really my niche," says Veres. "It's more fun to wear. I really don't like covering up and wearing layers."

Her goal is to have her spring line in the famous "Sex and the City" stylist Patricia Field's store in the city.

"That's my favorite store," she says. "It's the funkiest store. A lot of celebrities and stylists shop there."

Veres says that she realizes the impact celebrities can make by wearing a particular fashion.

"That's really how a new brand can take off," she says. "I can get a huge following if Britney Spears wears something of mine. It's sad, but true celebrities are a huge influence on society."

While she's a one-woman operation, Veres says that she has the will and the passion to succeed.

"I fill big suitcases in and out of the city with 100 garments and it's not so light, and I'm not so big," she says with a laugh. "It's a lot of work and you have to have a lot of ambition and will. Everyone says that it is very funny all of the things that I do and they ask me why I do it. I always believe that there's a greater good coming from it, so you have to keep pushing.

"I still don't know how I do it, being so young. I'm very ambitious and I just kind go with the flow as things happen. I figure if people really dig my stuff, I'll keep going. And every single month it's getting harder and harder, so I guess people are really digging it."

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