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Cassie Veres' New York Couture Fashion Line is a Hit - page 2

By Jeff Ferrantino on December 31, 2005

New York Couture; photo by Evens Lamour"I kind of learn something new with each collection," she explains. "I'm learning each season what I need to fix for things to run smoother."

Last spring, Veres says that she had a lot of pieces that never went into production because of various issues. One such piece was a top that needed sequined trim around it, however the costs she received from all the manufacturers came back so high that she never would have been able to make her price points.

"Now I look at it as, I have to get all the expenses beforehand," she says.

A huge benefit for Veres has been the business background that she developed at Pace.

"It's a huge help," she says. "I talk to people at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) a lot. I get a lot of emails from people that want to be designers and they say, 'Oh, I went to FIT, now what do I do?' My business background has really helped a lot."

The young designer describes her style as very young and punk rock. It is a style often referred to as "hipster" in New York City, which is what the club kids in the city wear.

"It's fun stuff, but I try to make everything very wearable," she says. "I like to work with a lot of cotton jersey material. Basically, anything that I would personally wear, I try to make for other people.

"I try to make it something that is not so crazy that not everyone can wear. It's a lot of tamed-down craziness.

Among her many influences is designer John Galiano.

"He's a huge influence for me," she says of the European icon. "I think his style is absolutely fabulous."

Veres admits that living in New York City offers her a real advantage.

"I get a lot of inspiration from the people that I see on the street," Veres explains. "I think that the nightclubs in New York City are really great, because a lot of the people that go out to them will make their own outfits."

Since landing in her first store a year ago, Veres has seen her fashions make their way into more than 20 stores already.

"It's moving pretty quickly," she says. "Everything's hard with a new business. You have to take one thing at a time. A lot of the stuff that I do is on consignment, so if you're not getting a direct payment, you have to wait sometimes months for things."