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ASM Interview: Singer Sabrina Sloan - page 4

By Jeff Ferrantino on February 29, 2008

Sabrina Sloan, pictures, picture, photos, photo, pics, pic, images, image, hot, sexy, latest, newASM: How does recording in a studio compare to the adrenaline rush and thrill of performing live on stage?

Sloan: I'm a perfectionist, so getting in the studio allows me to do takes over until I'm happy. Whereas live is live — you get whatever comes out that one time — no do-overs! Although, often times I can overanalyze and spend way too much time in the booth, because I want it to sound just so! But there is the drawback of not having a huge crowd to feed off of. Sometimes you need that for the energy and you have to do more to manufacture that in a studio with just a few people.

ASM: What was your experience like working on the musical "Ray Charles Live!" at the Pasadena Playhouse last year?

Sloan: It was a fabulous production and is set to go to Broadway in the fall. I was thrilled to be a part of something original and be a part of the creative process in the role and the show.

ASM: How helpful is your theatre background when it comes to performing as a solo music artist outside of the theatre?

Sloan: Invaluable. Performing on stage live, whether it's acting, singing, dancing, is something that you gain confidence doing over time and makes you more sure of yourself as a performer the more you do it. One thing I heard about my time on "Idol" was that I was too polished — you could tell I was used to being on that stage, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. Though it might have hurt me in terms of not being amateur-looking enough on the show, it will certainly be a benefit to me in my career as a solo artist.

ASM: Obviously, every artist has to deal with criticism, but some have written that you do your best to avoid it at all costs.

Sloan: Not so, I welcome constructive criticism from my directors, producers, teachers, and peers in the industry, etc. I'm always seeking ways to improve myself! But I do steer clear of the blogs and Internet comments where people who have no experience like to comment on your looks or bash your performance or outfit. There was a lot of that on "Idol." Mostly good, but always some bad too...that's what I stay away from! Now I do read show reviews of my stage performances and fortunately so far they have all been positive!

ASM: What are some of your other plans for the future? Is there anything else outside of music and theatre that interests you?

Sloan: Of course, TV and film are something I'm actively pursuing. I'll always continue to perform on stage when there are great roles. I'm currently in a production in Long Beach of "All Shook Up" (, and of course, working on the album!

ASM: Speaking of films, I understand that you love the movie "Yentl." Has that drawn a few laughs from people over the years?!

Sloan: Of course...most people say "who?!!" never heard of it! :-)

ASM: You've said that you felt like you weren't able to show the world your very best on "American Idol," based on not being on the show long enough and not getting to sing your favorite songs. Is that motivation for you — to still show the world what Sabrina Sloan is all about?

Sloan: Heck ya!