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The Summer Dress You'll Want to Add Your Shopping List ASAP

By Celebrity News Wire on June 15, 2019

For Fall and Winter months, the world has become well versed in Victorian high necks, floral jacquards and brocades, and heavy velvet weaves in rich tones of purple and navy blue. But for Summer? The trend seems a little more difficult to master in the heat. That is, of course, until I met the modern-day interpretation of what I imagine Queen Elizabeth might have worn to bed. Meet the bright white Victorian babydoll dress. Sure, the mid-1800s might not have been mini-dress friendly, but that doesn't mean I can't take all their best sartorial direction and chop off a few feet of length, right?

When it comes to Victorian babydoll dresses, ease is key. With a voluminous silhouette, these are the ultimate in throw-on-and-go which is much-needed, come Summer. There is a slightly higher neckline than you might be used to, lace insets, crisp cotton materials, and more vintage nods. It's time to consider this seasonal trend less of a passing phase and more of a go-to. Shop my personal favorites of the season ahead.

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